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Audrey Boyle, Spicekey CEO, founder and Irish native, came to the US to create the life she had always dreamt of. With a passion for bringing people together and being around the spirit industry for 20 years, she set off to put a fresh spin on an old tradition.


By taking a triple distilled Irish Whiskey that had been aged for 3 years in a bourbon barrel and mixing it with her custom blend of natural flavors and spices, Audrey's vision for a perfectly flavored Irish made spiced whiskey came to life.


Spicekey is delicious and smooth making it perfect to be enjoyed on its own or to create a fresh spin on your favorite classic cocktails.


Audrey believes that everyone could use a little spice in life, so why not spice it up with Spicekey!


Distilled in Ireland and sold by SPICEKEY LLC

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